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What to expect from Bikram Yoga?

Bikram Choudhury designed this series after a weightlifting accident, which shattered his knee. Bikram returned to his guru Bishnu Ghosh and created this sequence to heal his body from the inside out. When the series proved its power by healing his knee allowing him to walk freely again, Bishnu Ghosh told Bikram he must spread this yoga to the rest of the world. Bikram has made it his life mission to spread this yoga healing the world one school at a time.

This yoga is designed to work the body from the inside out, instead of from the outside in. Its main focus is working the physiological of the body, regulating and balancing hormones, chemical cycles and rhythms.

Why the Heat???

The heat is a tool. It is not here to make class hard or to make you feel the burn.
It is here to thin the blood.

Thinning the blood allows toxins and enzymes to be flushed from the system. Thick blood creates an acidic environment causing you to feel fatigued, tight, sore, cranky, less motivated. Thinning the blood and releasing toxins creates an alkaline environment and balances the blood PH. Alkaline environments make it harder for disease, illness, bacteria, and viruses to grow.

You de-age, de-stress, de-tox, de-puff all with one 90 minute class. Everything you need for health, wellness, and fitness is here in this room. Any body shape, any age, any fitness level can do this yoga; it does not discriminate.

Do other forms of fitness and exercise because you love it. Do Bikram Yoga because it will keep you fit, healthy and ageless for as long as you commit to it.

Things you will need in the room?

Wear something you feel comfortable sweating in.
Bring a yoga mat and a large towel to place over your mat.

Come to class hydrated…Drink More Water

Be mindful that you cannot rely on the water you bring into the room to hydrate yourself.
It takes approximately 45-60 minutes for water you consume to circulate through your system and hydrate your body.
The water you drink during class should just be to feel something cool and refreshing in your mouth. It does not have time to enter your system to hydrate your body.

Try to drink little quick sips to keep your mind calm. People often run into trouble when they come to class knowing they are dehydrated and then they try to quickly hydrate and drink too much water too fast. This can cause upset stomach, dizziness and nausea in the room. Try to avoid this by drinking consistently throughout day. Take it easy, take pressure off yourself, and be responsible about your body.

Remember: Coffee, Tea, Alcohol, Fruit Juices & Sports Drinks do NOT count towards your daily water/hydration intake.
Water is water.

More reading links for water hydration and how it relates to the function of our body and system.

Your Bodies Many Cries For Water.

New Students

Try to make it to class 15 minutes before class starts. Our school is open 30 minutes prior to the start of each class.
The doors lock promptly at the start of class and remain closed all other times. We try to stay on time so that you can plan your schedules accordingly and to create a consistent environment. Students who attend plan their schedules for a 90minute class, if we start class late then its going to run late, and we do not want to
hold up the other people in class.

Once here take the pressure off of yourself. This yoga is designed for any body type any fitness level, any age, or illness; it does not discriminate. It is here as a tool to help heal our bodies from the inside out although it can prove to be challenging; always come prepared to sweat.

We are not here to kill you nor do we ever try to make class hard. Take your time,listen to your body, take breaks and make your practice with wisdom and patience more than aggression. We are here to help. Although, we do have boundaries to maintain the integrity of the yoga and to keep things balanced.

Talk to us, we are always here to help.